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Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Professional Management of your aircraft can be easy and hassle free, and help with offsetting some of the costs of ownership. 

As an owner, you know the unparalleled level of convenience that private air travel offers, however, flying private does have its challenges. Regulatory compliance. Maintenance, record keeping, staffing, training and high costs of aircraft sitting idle. Put us to work and experience the pleasure of working with our team of professionals. We are focused on preserving the value of your aviation asset, while helping to offset some of the ownership costs.  Generation Jets offers turnkey solutions that would allow aircraft owners to enjoy all the benefits of ownership without all the hassles or worries.

We manage all aspects of the process. Startup, maintenance record tracking, maintenance coordination, financial reporting, crew recruitment, charter sales, marketing, and flight operations. We at Generation jets can control your costs with items like fuel, aircraft insurance, maintenance and training all significant expenses to the aircraft owner.  By leveraging our buying power and industry relationships we can provide a significant amount of cost savings to you the owner. If you’re considering an Aircraft Management company, we suggest taking a look at Generation Jets.

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Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions 


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Aircraft Sales:

In the complex world of aircraft sales it is important to have a detailed and concise knowledge of the current markets for each category and type of aircraft.  Pricing and aircraft too high can mean it stays on the market far too long.  Pricing an aircraft too low can mean that money has potentially been left on the table.   With many years of experience, Generation Jets knows the markets and has the ability to help you list and sell your aircraft for its true value.

Aircraft Acquisition: 

Purchasing an aircraft can be a difficult task to say the least.  There are many options and considerations when it comes to purchasing an aircraft.   What will it primarily be used for, what missions does it need to accomplish, range, passenger seating, and cost of operation are just some of the items that need to be considered when purchasing an aircraft.   Generation Jets can help take the complexity out of purchasing an aircraft, from finding the right aircraft, to pre purchase inspections and we will be by your side all the way to delivery, we have the experience and knowledge to help make your transaction smooth and enjoyable.   


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Jet Access and Supplemental Lift

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Need a lift?

Along with our own fleet, we also have vast access to other types of aircraft for any mission needed, Corporate Retreats, Sports Teams, Casino Trips, Production Groups, if you have a need, we can help.

For special requests of larger sized aircraft or aircraft that are not available as part of our fleet, we can arrange and charter aircraft of all sizes from the small business jet to a large Boeing 747. Please send us your requests by clicking below.

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