Mid-size, innovative, luxurious

Citation Excel

Efficient, fast, and spacious, the Citation Excel checks all the boxes. Equipped with WiFi, and best in class mid-size cabin, the Excel can seat up to 9 passengers in comfort and style. Not only is the Excel one of the most comfortable and roomy Mid-size jets, the outstanding short field performance, first in class range, and highest levels of safety and reliability, make the Excel one of the most popular business jets of all time.

The combination of next generation avionics and engines makes a solid combination that pilots and passengers enjoy. The improved performance of the engines also allows for faster time to climb, and the Excel can fly above any weather, allowing for a smooth, enjoyable ride for the passengers.

Our Citation Excel is equipped with a state of the art cabin, including free GoGo ATG WiFi, Air Show, DVD and CD player to ensure our customers have the only the best amenities during the flight.


Full Refreshment Center, Premium Snacks and Beverages, Ample Lighting and Storage in Lavatory, Cabin Temperature Control, Service for Special Requests.


  • Maximum – 9 Passengers
  • Up to 4.15 Hours
  • Cabin Height 5.6 ft
  • Cabin Length 18.6 ft
  • Baggage Capacity 700 lb
  • Maximum Range 2,100 nm
  • High Speed Cruise 480 mph
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