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Generation Jets fleet offers versatility, reliability and luxury.

Citation CJ2 Citation Excel Falcon 2000

At Generation Jets we understand that each trip is unique, and each aircraft requirement is unique.   We work hand in hand  with our clients to select the correct aircraft. We believe in delivering, a discrete,  safe, and luxurious flight every time.  Generation Jets is pleased to offer Light, Mid and Super Mid Jets to provide the customer with all options for comfort, range, performance, and budget.    



Citation CJ2

6 Passengers

The Cessna Citation CJ2, built by Textron, is a high performing, fast and economical platform in our fleet for the discerning customer that is looking for a light jet with excellent performance, comfort and range in the light jet category.  

Our CJ2 is equipped with WiFi, and can seat up to 7 passengers.   The outstanding short field performance, luxurious interior, and speed make the CJ2 a very popular light jet option. 


Citation Excel

9 Passengers

Pure Luxury

Citation Excel — Mid Size, innovative, luxurious, safe.

Efficient, fast, and spacious, the Citation Excel checks all the boxes.   Equipped with WiFi, and best in class Mid Size cabin, the Excel can seat up to 9 passengers in comfort and style.   Not only is the Excel one of the most comfortable and roomy Mid Size jets, the outstanding short field performance, first in class range, and highest levels of safety and reliability,  make the Excel one of the most popular business jets of all time.     

The combination of next gen avionics and engines makes a solid combination that pilots and passengers enjoy. The improved performance of the engines also allows for faster time to climb, and the Excel can fly above any weather, allowing for a smooth, enjoyable ride for the passengers.

Our Citation Excel is equipped with a state of the art cabin, including free GoGo ATG WiFi, Air Show, DVD and CD player to ensure our customers have the only the best amenities during the flight.    



Falcon 2000

10 Passengers

Luxury and Range describe the Falcon 2000.  With it's large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds,  it can easily complete transcontinental nonstop flights such as trips from Teterboro to Van Nuys, Miami to Seattle or from Boston to San Francisco, and can even go non stop from the West Coast to Hawaii.   The luxurious cabin of the Falcon 2000 comfortably seats 10 passengers.  Equipped with WiFi, and it's large galley, stand up bathroom and accessible in flight luggage compartment, the Falcon 2000 is the premier choice in the Super Midsize jet category.  





Amenities: Wi-Fi, Enclosed Aft Lavatory, Forward Galley, Airshow, DVD/CD, Microwave, Oven,  Cabin Attendant

Citation CJ2 Floor Plan