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Generation Jets fleet offers versatility, reliability and luxury.

Citation Excel Citation X

At Generation Jets we fully understand that each trip is unique, we work with our clients to select the right aircraft for each mission. We believe in delivering safety, comfort and luxury on every flight. Generation Jets is pleased to own and operate the Cessna Citation product, renowned for their reliability, performance and versatility. 

With great range, comfort, and  short field along with having the distinction of being the most popular business jet ever produced, the Citation Excel can effectively serve both your regional and long-range flying needs.  Its ability to get in and out of smaller airports, and still carry 9 passengers in a Mid Size Cabin, make the Excel an excellent choice for almost any mission. 

The Citation X was designed to get you there quickly in style and comfort. The Citation X is the fasted business jet ever produced, and still holds the speed record from coast to coast.  Not only will the Citation X get you there faster than any other Super Mid Size jet, it will get you there in first class style and comfort.  From coast to coast trips, Hawaii, Bahamas and Europe, the Citation X can do it all.  

Citation Excel

9 Passengers

Pure Luxury

Citation Excel — Mid Size, innovative, luxurious, safe.

Efficient, fast, and roomy just begins to describe the cabin of our beautiful Citation Excel. The stand-up cabin allows this aircraft to be the roomiest in its class and allows for a more comfortable ride. The dropped floor that runs the length of the cabin also gives a better seating capacity for nine passengers. The outstanding short field performance, luxurious and roomy interior make the Excel so popular that it is asked for by over twenty five percent of customer who charter jets worldwide. 

The combination of next gen avionics and engines makes a solid combination that pilots and passengers enjoy. The improved performance of the engines also allows for faster time to climb, and the Excel can fly above any weather, allowing for a smooth, enjoyable ride for the passengers.

Our Citation Excel is equipped with a state of the art cabin, including free GoGo ATG WiFi, Air Show, DVD and CD player to ensure our customers have the only the best amenities during the flight.    



Citation X

8 Passengers

Pure Luxury

Citation X — Super Mid Size, Innovative, Fast, Luxurious, Long Range 

When the Citation X was announced by Cessna Aircraft, they had one goal in mind, to build the fastest and most luxurious business jet in the world.  They succeeded and today the Citation X is still the worlds fastest business jet.  Its un paralleled speed and comfort make it one of the most successful charter jets in history.    Generation Jets is proud to offer this aircraft to its clients.  

The Citation X has an advanced avionics package that enhance safety and ease pilots workloads.   The in cabin amenities are second to none and enhance the entire experience for our clients.   Our Citation X is equipped with WiFi, DirecTV and a Satellite Phone system ensuring passengers have the same comforts as being in their own living room or office.   

Citation X Floor Plan