The Core Of Our Business

About Us

About Us

Attention to Detail

Stemming from our core philosophy, we are relentless in our passion for detail and providing an experience second to none. From the point of first contact with our charter sales personnel, to the farewell words of our professional flight crew, every effort is made to make the experience the best you have ever had.

Come aboard to enjoy the unique experience Generation Jets can offer.

About Us

Exceeding Expectations

Our team works relentlessly not to just meet expectations but to exceed them. Generation Jets knows that our core business strength lies in the return of our customers. We want to exceed your expectations, every time, every air mile, every flight. Generation Jets knows that there is nothing more valuable than our customers, therefore, we spare no expense to do everything we can to build and maintain valuable relationships with all of our clients.


Based in Spokane, Washington, Jason Rubright founded Generation Jets in 2002. Jason has had a lifelong passion for aviation and spent the last 20 years crafting perfection in private flight services, including successful ownership and operation of rotor and fixed-wing companies based in the Pacific Northwest with multiple divisions and business across the U.S.

Vision & Mission

Keeping ‘generation’ at the forefront of operations and as a core company value is key for Jason, who was largely inspired by his grandfather – a World War II B17 pilot. The Generation Jets name came from just that, “…the greatest generation ever, and generations for me with my grandfather.” Generation Jets’ mission is to provide the highest standard and class in the private lift industry, fulfilling a high-end, customer-service focused solution to travel.

About Us


Generation Jets has implemented a robust Safety Management System. Generation Jets is a proud advocate of ARGUS and holds the esteemed position of a GOLD PLUS RATED operator. All employees are trained in their specific area of expertise. Our core and fundamental beliefs state that we all share in the safety of our company and of our customers. We operate in compliance with all regulatory and FAA requirements as well as going above and beyond with company policies and procedures.

Company Policies


Generation Jets is the leading private aviation provider in the Northwest and offers a boutique, luxury travel experience for even the most discerning frequent flyers.

8125 W. Pilot Drive
Spokane, WA 99224